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The review
  • I liked the job they did. It was great and at a good price. - Mike Little from Florida
  • It was a good and fast job. I really liked the tech that came out he really knew a lot. - Kelly Shields from Kentucky
  • I had one of the ugliest tubs. Not anymore. Thank you Bestbathtubfinish. - Scott Towers from Georgia
  • They did a decent job. Overall I give them 3 stars. - Scooter Todd from Kentucky
  • I liked there all business attitude. They were fast and had it done in no time. - Leslie Kitchens from Alabama
  • I am glad I tried them. They did a good job. - Rex Moss from Indiana
  • I was worried at first but I was wrong. Great Job! - Cindy Miller from Ohio
  • Had I know it was going to be this easy I would have contacted a long time ago. - Don Helms from Tennessee
  • They did an alright job. I might try someone else next time. - Debra Title from Florida
  • Really fast, really good, and a really good price. Great deal! - Skylar White from Florida